Add Holiday, Sports and other Specialized Calendars to iCal on Your Mac and iPhone


Apple offers hundreds of free specialized calendars for iCal and the iPhone showing holidays for many countries, game dates for sports team and more. Learn how to use them!

Let's Begin:

A lot of Mac users are unaware that Apple provides hundreds of specialized calendars that you can subscribe to in iCal and on the iPhone that will show you the holidays in many different countries, the dates your favorite sports team is scheduled to play, the dates for the astrological signs and many more. Want to know the official holidays in Armenia? How about the game dates for the Boston Celtics? Well, there’s a calendar for that!  And they’re all free!

To find these, go to http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/calendars. Just find the calendar you want either by browsing the alphabetical listing or by using the search box.  Then just click the download link.  This will download a small .ics file which will automatically open in iCal (if you’re using Safari) which will then add the dates of that calendar to iCal.  If you’re using MobileMe, then this new calendar information will automatically sync to your iPhone and to your other Macs.

There are literally hundreds of specialized calendars to choose from.  Some of the most popular ones are:

US Holiday Calendar

Canadian Holiday Calendar

UK Holiday Calendar

Australian Holiday Calendar

German Holiday Calendar

French Holiday Calendar

Spanish Holiday Calendar

Movie New Release Calendar

DVD New Release Calendar

Moon Phase Calendar

Rock’n Rollers Birthdays

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