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Workaround for the “No Music” Screen on the iPhone and iPod Touch

Are you getting a screen that says “No Music” on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad when you go to one of your playlists? If you are, here’s the workaround for the problem.


Category: Apple iPhone

How to Bypass Youtube’s Third Party Copyright Content Matching

Learn how to bypass the youtube copyright content matching system for your videos so you never have to see those “matched third party content” alerts again.


Category: Apple iMovie

Fill Your iPod, iPhone or iTunes Library With Free Music – Legally!

Find out where to download music on the Internet that’s completely free and completely legal. Whether you want to discover new music and new artists or just fill up all that extra space on your iPod, this is a great way to do it!


Category: Apple iTunes

How to Use Time Machine to Make Offsite Backups

Learn how to use Time Machine to make multiple backups of your machine so that offsite copies can be maintained and updated as needed.


Category: Apple Mac OS X

Add Holiday, Sports and other Specialized Calendars to iCal on Your Mac and iPhone

Apple offers hundreds of free specialized calendars for iCal and the iPhone showing holidays for many countries, game dates for sports team and more. Learn how to use them!


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